Is your website “mobile-friendly”?

Lots of people have websites and many of them have been around for a decade or more. What you may not have noticed during the past few years is that a large percentage of your visitors are now using mobile devices to access your site. These days, some sites get more than 50 percent of their traffic via phones and tablets.

Beyond that, Google and other search engines are starting to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly enough.

You can test your site using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see where you may need to make some changes.

Now, not everyone cares about being mobile-friendly and I get that, but if you want to maintain a good ranking in Google’s search results, you might want to consider making the changes anyway.

The good news is that Design by Parrish can help get your site up to par for less than you might imagine. Whether you need a whole new responsive website or just want a special mobile homepage that gives your visitors a mobile-friendly landing before they see the rest of your classic site, Design by Parrish can make it happen.

Click here to send me an email and I’ll get back to you promptly with some customized suggestions for updating your website.

Going mobile doesn’t have to be difficult and Design by Parrish will make it as painless as possible.